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Amnesty Media Awards 2020- Shortlisted in the photojournalism category

Very proud to share the news that my photo story about Mental Health and Refugees I shot for the @guardianweekend and @doctorswithoutborders, in collaboration with the amazing journalist Lorenzo Tondo, has been shortlisted for the Amnesty Media Awards in the photojournalism category. Although it is not the winning series it makes me feel very privileged to have worked on such a strong story and to have met so many great people along the journey.
full story in my reportage page or

Link: here.

Amnesty Media Awards 2020- Shortlisted in the photojournalism category

Portraits of Britain 2019 - Shortlisted

This portrait has been shortlisted for this year Award and book.
‘I’ve lived in Hackney for 16 years, and I love photographing my area. These three girls were at the back of Broadway Market. They call themselves the “Backshop Bitches”. I spent a good hour talking to them, listening to music on their portable bluetooth speaker and taking some shots. I was fascinated by their look and attitude. To my eyes, they sum up London’s generation Z pretty well’

Portraits of Britain 2019 - Shortlisted
Goldlink - Goldsmith MagazineGoldlink - Goldsmith MagazineGoldlink - Goldsmith Magazine

Versus Arthritis: the new website

The launch of the new name and website. More photos and info under the commercial page.
Very honoured to have chosen as the main photographer for the campaign and launch of a new leading charity in the sector.

Versus Arthritis: the new websiteVersus Arthritis: the new website

Bell'Europa - Manchester

I was commissioned by Bell'Europa, top Italian travel magazine, to photograph Manchester.
The result is a 10 pages story on the city, the best places to visit.
Great city and people

Bell'Europa - ManchesterBell'Europa - ManchesterBell'Europa - Manchester

The Guardian front cover

We met with Ken Morgan, one of the victim of the Windrush, as soon as he finally landed back to the UK after 25 years of living in Jamaica, because his British passport was taken away.
I arrived to his relatives house with a delicious fish and chips, something he truly missed!

The Guardian front cover

Portraits of Britain 2018 - Winner

My photo of the amazing Rabbi Gluck, shot for the "Cazanove rd Project" has been chosen as one of the winning images of the 2018 Portrait of Britain Award

Portraits of Britain 2018 - Winner

the Guardian Weekend Cover

There was only one way for an Italian to enjoy the World Cup. I spent the first 2 weeks of the World Cup travelling around England watching 13 games with as many different nationalities!
Definitely one of the nicest and joyful (intense at time) job ever done.
I’ve eaten a lot of crisps and beer, but also the traditional Brazilian dish of feijoada in north London, Mexican quesadillas and guacamole in Putney, and a lovely Moroccan tagine cooked on the barbecue in Letchworth.
An idea that I had 4 years ago and finally made it happened

The Guardian.

the Guardian Weekend Coverthe Guardian Weekend Coverthe Guardian Weekend Coverthe Guardian Weekend Coverthe Guardian Weekend Cover